Choosing a New ERP System—A Tale of Two Companies
Decisions that lead to ERP success or failure

Choosing a New ERP System—A Tale of Two Companies

Choosing the wrong ERP system can have a devastating effect on your business. Imagine spending twice your original budget on implementing a system that still does not have the functionality your business needs to compete, let alone grow.

In the coming weeks, we are going to share with you a five-part email series on the stories of two fictitious companies. Their situations could reflect what you experience after choosing a new ERP system.

Company Z chose the wrong path and is now paying the price. Its ERP upgrade project is severely over budget, and it is struggling to overcome all manner of issues. Its competitor, Company A, however, followed a considered and methodical ERP selection and implementation process and is now reaping the rewards in a highly competitive market.

Topics such as total cost of ownership, scalability, software customisation and more will be covered, providing valuable insights which could save your company a significant amount of time and money in the years ahead.

Continuing reading:

  1. Part 1: Planning for Successful ERP Implementation Projects
  2. Part 2: ERP Implementation Cost and Duration
  3. Part 3: ERP System Scalability—A Tale of Two Companies
  4. Part 4: Freedom of Deployment Choice—Cloud or On-premises
  5. Part 5: ERP Software Functionality and Configuration

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