Why is Odoo growing faster than other ERP software systems?
This blog explains why you should prefer Odoo over other ERP software which is available in the market.

‘Expand as you Grow,’ Odoo’s slogan embodies a great deal for its clients.

Streamline Your Business = 'Pay As You Go' + ‘Expand As You Grow'

Founded in 2005 by Fabien Pinckaers open-source fan, Odoo has become one of the world’s leading Open ERP providers.

It started off with the name ‘Tiny ERP’ and later in the name ‘OpenERP’, Odoo outlasted many of its opponents before securing its current status. In subsequent years, Odoo had become powerful and customizable, widening its client base, partner organizations, and community engagement. And currently, Odoo is one of the largest growing open ERP solutions in the world with over 5million users and 2500+ partner organizations.

ERP solutions are renowned for being heavy, complicated and expensive software system that only bigger companies can afford. Odoo have turned these perceptions on their head with their open source technologies and modern methods of deployment that allow modern business management systems to be deployed faster and at a fraction of the price associated with traditional ERP systems.

Making companies a better place, odoo – one app at a time

Odoo believe business software should cover complex needs without being complicated. Their mission is to provide software that is intuitive, full featured, tightly integrated, effortless to upgrade, all while running smoothly for every business, every user.

The applications also need to be easily available for the need that is prevalent at the time for the business. However, as the needs of the business increase and change you need the ability to add further functionality to meet new requirements and manage growth, but still retain the single connected platform. With Odoo you can simply download new apps that seamlessly integrate with each other giving you a connected system and therefore a connected business.

Reasons why clients prefer Odoo to other ERP

How will Odoo ERP shape your business?

Have it all and yet simple to use

The many thousands of Apps and modules from Odoo and its global partner community offer a unique opportunity for businesses to have apps built around best business practices making them feature rich but also easy to install and use.

Modern Interface

Odoo is praised for using leading edge technologies and practices that resonate well with the modern world and how modern businessesoperate to retain a competitive edge.

The classical business areas such Lead Generation, CRM, Sales, E-Commerce, Accounting, Manufacturing, Warehouse & Logistics, have been given an uplift to fit into the modern way of working.

Tailorable and scalable

Although the Apps are built around best business practices, some tailoring for unique demands of a business are still required. As this is an Open Source solution, you can tailor Odoo easily yourself or take up the services for advance customisations from the wide global partner network.

Odoo suits all firms

Odoo can serve many types of customer, from large to small companies. It just flexible enough to accommodate many client requirements. Likewise, it is highly affordable and easy to install.

It is also available as a free download for you to try:

Odoo Pricing

Good customer support service

What distinguishes Odoo from other ERP solutions is its sustained large community support. You have access to Odoo directly, your local partner or the wider Odoo community of over 30,000+ staff and developers.

Business Intelligence Technologies

With built-in business intelligence and automation, getting to meaningful information to make quick and fast business decisions is made very easy. This functionality and connectedness is inherent throughout all the apps.

Based on cloud

Odoo is a completely web-based solution with full mobile functionality to allow everyone secure access to real time information anytime anywhere.

In the current epidemic and with restricted travel this is a critical businesses strategy for many organisations to ensure that they can continue trading.

The system also has the flexibility of being hosted on Odoo’s own secure datacenters, on your own managed servers or on your own premises – the choice is yours.


With the flexibility to expand the system one app at a time and the option of monthly or annual payment terms, Odoo becomes a very affordable business management system for all organisations.

Looking to replace your disconnected applications or introduce a modern business management system into your organisation, then arrange a discovery session with TIGO for IT-business alignment.

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